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Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations will be working with  on all rent court cases. 

 Each service we provide is independent of the other. We do not "automatically" proceed with the next step in the process unless we are instructed to do so.

 Services We Provide

Late rent notice    $51.00
We will got to your property and speak to the tenant and or post a notice advising them that you are planning to proceed with Rent Court unless they contact you and make arrangements to bring the account current.
Call us we can explain more


Personal Service of Failure to Pay Rent:  $65.00  per Defendant

We will serve your Notice of Failure to Pay Rent personally to the defendant; allowing your Rent Court Agent to ask for a money judgment.

What is a rent court agent?
- A rent court agent is one of our experienced representatives who will work on your behalf through the process of filing the necessary (Failure to Pay and Warrant of Restitution) paperwork with the proper City and or County Courthouse and will appear in rent court on your behalf.

1. Rent Court:                                       $100.00
       We will complete all required court documents for the Failure to Pay Rent and represent you at one (1)  the court appearance.  We offer a complete package and recommend personal service.   Prices are our fee plus cost of court.

Warrant of Restitution:                                   $107.00
This is the second step in getting to the eviction date.  You must file this to obtain an eviction date.

What is an eviction specialist ?
- An eviction specialist is one of our agents who works on your behalf in completing the entire eviction process as your personal representative.

                             2.  Eviction Process:                          $85.00

                          After filing the Summary Ejectment Eviction Complaint and completing the court process, we retrieve the Warrant / Eviction Notice. Elite Landlord Services will then post the property and mail all required documents.

3. Contact the Sheriff's Department:   $15.00

        After the documents are filed and the Judge orders the Eviction we will contact the Sheriff’s Department to verify the date and time, for the eviction set by the sheriff, for the eviction and confirm that the eviction is on schedule. Prior to that date we will make the 2nd., 3rd. and 4th. calls to the sheriff's department to confirm the eviction date.

                                *Please Note: The Sheriff’s Department CAN cancel the set eviction date due to  inclement weather and temperatures. Elite Evictions has NO control over the decisions made by the Sheriff’s Department.*  

Sheriffs Reschedule Fee due to Low Temperature and Inclement Weather

                             $49.00 BALTIMORE CITY  no additional manpower


                                If the Sheriff’s Department cancels and reschedules the Eviction due to Foul Weather, Low Temperatures, and or Inclement weather a fee will be assessed to reschedule the manpower and eviction specialist that is required by law to complete the eviction.

                 4. Stand in for Landlord:                $160.00  

One of our trained and qualified agents will meet the Sheriff, at the property on the day of eviction and change the locks. This price includes one (1) Lockset which includes a Deadbolt and Doorknob.

                        Additional Lockset                                 $60.00

       5. Before and After Pictures of Dwelling:   $35.00

Before and after pictures of you dwelling to assist with your     proceeding civil case.  All pictures will be digitally taken and emailed to you and or your Attorney.

       6.      Clean out / Content and Debris Removal:

        Elite Landlord Services can supply a crew to clean out 
        the r
ental unit to allow the dwelling to be prepared
        for either construction or a new tenant.  

                      Manpower to complete the Eviction:                    

Set up fee $95.00  plus

Number of people required by law 

                                          (See county guidelines)   

               If debris is taken to a landfill dump fees will be assessed and charged.


             7.    Skip Trace Service:                 $65.00 
                             Skip trace is per person or per social #               
We have the ability to Skip trace and locate your clients when they have moved out without notifying you.  Please contact us and we will attempt to locate your Tenant.


             8.      Dwelling Security: 

                    When the above Stand in for landlord is
         ordered, we will inspect the dwelling and contact the owner to make them aware of any breaches of security. 

9.        Small Claims Collections:

                                                          Attorney Services 

         10.    Collection of Rent on or prior to the Eviction Date:        

10% of collected rent monies.

Most of our Evictions Specialist are Retired Law Enforcement Officers. Rest assured that all cash will be collected and forwarded to the landlord in a timely and safe fashion. A receipt will be given to the tenant and a copy of the receipt which is signed and dated by the tenant and Eviction Specialist will be forwarded to the Landlord, along with the cash LESS our 10% fee.

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