Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations 

Riot/Protest Protection

Observing the ongoing and upcoming recent events, such as Baltimore, Ferguson, California, Cleveland, Pennsylvania, Florida and New York; protesters, activist, and demonstrators have incited multiple acts of violence, looting, destruction of property, civil unrest, and vandalism. Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations Force Protection Squad has directed its resources towards both personnel and asset protection through strategic resources and advanced planning.    

In the wake of such events, Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations has developed Squad Leaders who will consult and establish a clear and precise security plan for business who wish to deter lawlessness during civil unrest. With over 40 + combined years of experience directly dealing with civil unrest, our Force Protection Squad has the training, experience, and discipline to stabilize emotionally charged, volatile situation with direction and focus. 

Through strategically placed resources and advanced planning, Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations can provide the stability needed when protesters, activist, and demonstrators resort to imprudent acts. Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations is a well respected Maryland based Licensed Private Detective and Security Agency comprised of over 100+ years of accumulative experience in Civil and Criminal Law, Personal Protection, Executive Protection, Military Defense and Homeland Security.

Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations Force Protection squads’ works 24-hours-a-day; 7-days-a-week to provide superior service. Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations provides person-to-person communication on all on-going assignments and cases. Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations staffs bilingual Detectives, and has Spanish, Thai, French, and Korean interpreters available on call 24 hours a day; 7 days a week.

Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations Force Protection Squad is completely comprised of former, retired Police and Military personnel, which are capable of immediate deployment to any location that would be deem necessary. All of our Detectives have been trained to immediately assess active and ongoing situations and react accordingly such as establishing protective barriers and defuse tensions using crowd control, verbal judo and conflict management.

Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations successfully provides Communication Networks, Religious Centers, Celebrities, Musicians, Government Officials, Corporations’, Attorneys, Law Firms, and Human Resource Officers with the highly trained personnel to deliver accurate, time sensitive, and relevant information that simplifies and automates management processes critical to successful business and gatherings. Maryland Executive Protection and Investigations DELIVERS, which enables our clientele to protect their personnel, and corporate assets.

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